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Best Security Motorcyle Devices Against Bike Thief

Precaution is always the best cure. This is also true in keeping your motorcycle safe against thieves.

The cost and level of security devices vary. You can use one or a combination of devices to better lock up your motorcycle against burglars. If you like a complete security for your bikes, read on to know which device will suit your need.

Motorbike chain

A chain and lock system is one of the most traditional and cheapest way of securing your bikes. However, others think it is not the best security gadget against thieves.

Keep in mind that motorbikes require a minimum of 16mm chain to ensure safety against thieves. Since some chains are made of cheaper materials, it can be easily cut off with bolt croppers or other sharp material.  Although there are companies that sell thick chain links, it may cost you a little.

A great tip is not to forget to mount the motorcycle chain on non-removable part of the motorcycle frame, or else thieves can just carry your bike. You can also use it along with a lock or any motorbike alarm.

Kill Switch

This is a disabling device that most bike owners prefer to use. It will keep a motorcycle engine from starting or will turn it off under certain conditions. Some owner installs this device since active disabling devices can be activated remotely. Passive disabling devices could also activate themselves after a motorcycle is running for a certain period. It could also limit how far a thief can travel on a motorcycle that is hot-wired.


Traditional bike alarms used to be the one every motorcycle owner used. Now, there are more state-of-the-art devices that would better keep your bike safe. The smart devices available in the market today include touch alarms and motion sensor cloud computing smart bike alarms.

Basic bike alarms cost around $100, while alarms that set off when anyone is in proximity of your bike can cost more than $350. There are several types of motorbike alarms. Here are some of these.

  • Cricket – This is a light weight silent bike alarm that uses very low power Bluetooth device. This has a range of about 150 feet. It raises an alarm within one-tenth of a second on your smartphone. Cricket is powered by the advanced technology of cloud computing hence you can find your stolen bike in no time.
  • Bike Watch – It is a combination of a bike alarm, a LED light, and a cable lock. When the alarm is active, only the iButton in it can deactivate it.  The alarm sounds for ten minutes too when a thief cut the cable off.
  • Scorpio Alarms – This is a popular alarm system brand. It sells audible alarms that activate when instances such as your bike was tilted upright when a thief rides on it; struck by anything;  or when anyone without a key sensor is in proximity of a motorcycle.
  • Gorilla motorcycle alarm – The Gorilla motorcycle alarm is compact yet sophisticated and user-friendly device. This can protect your motorcycle against theft when it recognizes any disturbances such as motion, impacts etc on your bike. The alarm will be activated for 30 seconds upon activation. This is available in different series and consists of powerful current sensor, 7-way shock sensor, and 100% water proof. This is why it is considered as one of the best motorcycle security devices available today.


There are several motorcycle locks that you can install on your bike. Here are some of these.

  • Lock8 – This is the latest concept of keyless locking. It is embedded with a GPS tracking device and a sound safe bike alarm. It could call your attention against theft even from a long distance.
  • Disc locks and U-locks – A U-lock can be attached to a motorcycle wheel or used to secure the wheel to something else. Depending on where the lock is applied, U-locks have an advantage over other locks because a thief would have to cut through two parts of it to unlock it. Disc locks, on the other hand, are basically small U-locks designed to fit the holes of a motorcycle disc brake. Basically, this will make your bike unrideable. Most U-locks and disc locks cost between $75 and $100.

Lock-chain combinations

This combination of lock and chain could be an excellent choice when it comes to bike security. It is convenient and offers a wide range of ways of locking your bike to a stationary object. Most of all, it provides an excellent security to your bike since this cannot simply be picked up.

Tracking Systems

Motorcycles installed with tracking systems use radio or GPS systems to locate stolen motorcycle.

This system is commonly recognized by insurance companies and they usually offer a discount on policies to rider who has a bike with a professionally installed tracking system. Installation of this system could cost you, but the good news is that it is a one-time expense.

Stay tuned for tips on how to protect your motorcycle from thieves only here at We Love Motorcycles.




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