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Motorcycle Tips

There’s a difference between changing a tire and repairing a tire. For our purposes, changing a tire means replacing it with a new one. Option 1 Get out the credit card. With wide, stiff, low-profile sportbike tires, especially the rear, a professional job is your...
What defines a Standard Motorcycle? It’s a term that is being used more and more, but most people still don’t fully understand. A “Standard” bike is somewhat of an evolution and a hybrid of Universal Japanese Motorcycles, classic British bikes, and modern technology. Standards tend...
Railroad tracks can be intimidating to new riders, and even experienced riders need to treat them with respect. But crossing them is easy if you know how. Most important: Attack them from a perpendicular angle—cross them at 90 degrees to the way they run, or...

Close your eyes and recall your last ride in heavy traffic. Imagine the vehicles surrounding you, crowding you, cutting you off. Imagine yourself monitoring closing speeds, reading street signs, noticing.

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