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What Is A Standard Motorcycle

What defines a Standard Motorcycle? It’s a term that is being used more and more, but most people still don’t fully understand. A “Standard” bike is somewhat of an evolution and a hybrid of Universal Japanese Motorcycles, classic British bikes, and modern technology.

Standards tend to have a comfortable, upright seating position with low to mid-range bars and mid foot controls. They are typically equipped with a longer, flatter two-up seat and tend to have a single headlight with no fairing. Think Honda’s CB1100, the new Triumph Bonnevilles, or the BMW R nineT. If it’s a retro-styled motorcycle produced today, chances are it’s a Standard.

The 2015 Honda CB1100 is another excellent example of a standard motorcycle, which is in this case also a Universal Japanese Motorcycle, or UJM.

Because standard motorcycles tend to have mid-ranged engine sizes, approachable price tags, and are comfortable riding in a variety of different conditions, they make great bikes for beginners. If you’re thinking of getting a motorcycle and are somewhere between a cruiser and a sport bike, the standard motorcycle is all you.

Article Source: http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/what-is-standard-motorcycle

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