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How to Change a Motorcycle Tire

There’s a difference between changing a tire and repairing a tire. For our purposes, changing a tire means replacing it with a new one.

Option 1 Get out the credit card. With wide, stiff, low-profile sportbike tires, especially the rear, a professional job is your best option. A tire shop has specialized machinery to do the job right without scratching the rim or damaging the bead.

Option 2 With smaller streetbikes and all dirt bikes, mounting a new tire is well within the average mechanic’s skill level.
STEP 1 First, use a bike stand to get one or both wheels off the ground, and remove the wheel by following your owner’s manual instructions. Let all the air out of the tire.
STEP 2 Breaking the bead means getting the tire loose on the rim. Use your boot or a chubby friend to push the tire down into the center of the rim. Repeat on both sides.

STEP 3 Use your tire irons to lever one side of the tire up over the rim. If you’ve never done this, try practicing on a bicycle tire first—the idea is exactly the same, but the motorcycle tire requires better technique, tools, and strength.

STEP 4 Flip the tire over, and lever the other side off the rim. This idea seems counterintuitive, but it will let you push the rim out sideways, especially if you use a little lube on the tire.

STEP 5 Lever the new tire onto the rim, being careful to note the proper rotational direction. If you’re using a tube, inflate the tube partially (just enough so that it holds its shape) and slide it into the tire.

STEP 6 Finally, using two tire irons and taking small “bites,” lever the tire on to the rim. Plenty of lube helps. Line the balance dot up with the valve stem on the rim.

Inflate to the recommended pressure.

Article Source: http://www.cycleworld.com/2015/08/07/cycle-world-tips-and-tricks-how-to-change-a-motorcycle-tire

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