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Ways to Avoid Getting Your Motorcycle Stolen

A motorcycle is an investment. Since it cost you a lot, you have to protect it. The odds of having your motorcycle taken away by a theft are high if you are not taking any precaution.

Big bikes are naturally hot in the eyes of thieves because these are easy targets. We have heard thousands of stories on how their motorcycle was stolen even it has start-of-the-art security devices.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends having a “layered approach” to prevent being stolen. This means setting up several precautions is best to assure you bike’s security. You may have a better chance of ensuring that your bike is still in the place where you left it if you will follow these tips.

Be Vigilant

Thieves follow their target bike, most often than not.  If you have a routine, most likely the thief already knows that. You can do it to make some changes to disrupt your tail.

For instance, as you approach your destination, watch your mirrors for several blocks. If someone seems to be following you, you can lose them. Let them pass and then make a U-turn. Anyone who is following you would probably detect that you already aware of their plan and just back away. If not, just make more rounds around your block until you have shaken them off.

Visibility is Everything

When parking in a public place, keep your bike in a well-lit, conspicuous area. If possible, park in a location where you will be able to keep an eye on it. If not, choose a spot where a security camera has your bike in view or in plain view of other people.

Cover It

When you are at home, do the opposite of the above tip – keep it out of sight. The less of your bike a thief can see, the less likely he will be tempted to take it.  Always park your bike in your garage. If you don’t have, keep it covered.

Visual Clues

Some security experts say plastering your bike with “Alarm Installed” stickers could discourage the crooks from carting your bike away. Others advise you to use BMW cover on your Harley. By doing such, you are creating the impression that it is simply a bike that is less worth stealing.

Customize It

Customizing your bike gives it a distinct look. For professional thieves, this is a problem rather that an opportunity. Customized bike could easily be identified which thieves don’t want.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that your bike can’t be targeted. It is just less likely than commonly-looking bikes.

Don’t Buy Cheap

If you will use some type of security devices for your bike, buy the best quality. It will be more expensive but it will give you an assurance that your bike is safe.

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Go For Unusual Alarm

You may find that most people are so used to hearing alarms only to find out that it was a false alarm. Therefore, you can be a little creative and opt to install an alarm in a different tone. For example, a breaking glass or a large stack of beer bottles breaking. Most likely, these will call the attention of people near your motorcycle.

Anti Theft


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