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Know What Type of Motorcyle Rider Are You?

Choosing the right bike for you could be confusing especially if you are a new rider.

Motorcycles come in different sizes, models, and capabilities. The most popular are cruisers and sportbikes. Some, however, choose dual-sports, tourers, and others.

Type Motorcycle Rider

Keep in mind that not all types are appropriate for all riders. Hence, you have to know what type of rider you are. For instance, a shorter rider may have no problem with sports bikes but may have a hard time balancing a dual-sport.


Standard motorcycles have the traditional appearance of all types of bikes.  Some riders call it “naked” motorcycles because the engines are typically exposed. Footpegs are comfortably positioned below the seat. The handlebars are high enough to reach without stretching forward too much.

Novice riders may find standard a good starting bike because of their versatility and low cost. It often cost less than other bikes and also less expensive to maintain.


Cruisers offer a comfortable ride because of its feet-forward positioning and high handlebars. Since the seats are typically lower than 28 inches from the ground, cruisers are an excellent pick for shorter riders. However, cruisers also have its downside – it can be heavy. Even small-sized cruiser weighs 514 pounds, making it a difficult motorcycle to pick up in the case of a tip-over.


This type of bike is perfect for frequent road trips. Its big engines offer plenty of torque and its large fuel tanks allow long trips.

The large fairings provide better wind protection, while seats are often wide and comfortable for long rides. Some high-end touring bikes could also install more features such as sound systems and GPS navigators. Since saddlebags are an essential part of touring bikes, most manufacturers offer upgradeable options for additional storage.

However, some riders find this type of bike a little too much for everyday ride. Even the lightest touring motorcycles can weigh over 700 pounds while the larger luxury touring bike could weigh as much as 900 pounds in full running condition. Of course, the added weight could also mean additional price.

Sport Bike

Sport bike offers the ultimate motorcycle performance. This type of bike is designed when riding on winding roads or at your local racing circuit. Sport bikes often come equipped with the latest technologies developed from the manufacturers’ racing programs.

Sport bikes typically feature full, aerodynamically-shaped fairings, low-mounted handlebars and high footpegs. However, the performance of sports bike comes at the expense of comfort.

Taller riders may find sport bikes uncomfortable. Those with past knee injuries and frequent back problems will be uncomfortable in this bike as well.


Dual-sport bike is the best choice for you if you are an adventurous type and loves natural terrain like dirt trails.

This type of bike is based on off-road models but also designed for travelling on the streets. Thus, they also have street-legal equipment such as lights, mirrors, and license plates. They also include longer-travel suspension, engine guards, high fenders, and knobby tires. Dual-sports tend to have very tall seat heights because of the longer suspension. The higher seats, however, could be a challenge for riders shorter than 5 foot 6 inches.





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