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How to Safety Ride Your Motorcycle in Bad Weather

Even for expert motorcycle riders, weather is a huge factor. There are several types of weather that a rider may encounter while on the road.

The best way to be safe is not to ride during bad weather especially when there is a storm. However, if you have to under urgent circumstances, here are some tips on how to ride your motorcycle safely when caught under an unfavorable weather.


Keep yourself warm and dry. To do this, always bring your rain suit or waterproof jacket and pants.

Keep in mind that the road will be more slippery during the first rain. Dirt and oil will have been spoiled the road. It will take some time before the rain will fully wash all dirt and oil away.

Keep your visor clean, and keep the surface polished. When you smooth the surface of your visor, using Turtlewax, the raindrops will form a single film of water. You can get rid of the water by turning your head to the side from time to time.


Your motorcycle may not have a mist light. Hence, a heavy mist is a huge problem. If riding under this condition, you have to check your mirror more often than usual. You can also mount a fog light if your bike if it offers mounting options.

Mist also form hundreds of small drops on your visor. Thus, it is recommended to wear gloves with chamois on the left forefinger. This is to wipe your visor clean.

Wear yellow glasses or goggles. Yellow-colored glasses will allow you to see more during mist than no glasses at all when riding on a motorcycle.


When snow caught you during a ride, the best way to keep safe is to take it slow. Don’t brake for corners and open the throttle once you are out of the corner. Try to turn corners without changing anything on the state of the throttle.

Just like when riding in rain or mist, you also have to keep your visor clear. During this weather condition, snow flocks will be glued tightly on your visor as well.


Be aware of road markers. Be mindful of the aspects of the road than what you used to see during the day. For instance, watch for the white stripe in the middle, the stripes at the side of the road, reflectors, or posts.

Turn on your headlight especially during setting or rising sun when you are riding toward that sun and it is very difficult to see what is in front of you.

Sometimes it will also help if you switch your headlight to dimmed light when you approach a reflective sign. It will prevent being blinded by the light that is reflected.




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