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How to Ensure a Safe Motorcyle Riding in a Group

If you think riding in a group is the same as riding alone, think again.

These two are totally different in all aspect. When you ride alone, you can control your own speed and can focus on the road ahead. When in a group, you have to consider everyone’s safety and needs to make sure everyone is enjoying the ride.

Motorcycle Riders

Riding in a group can be an exciting trip but it can also be dangerous if the group is not organized and has no ride plan.

First of all, the group should designate a ride leader to organized the trip. He does not have to be the first bike in the pack. His job is to make sure that the ride runs smoothly. Before the ride begins, he should conduct an all-rider meeting at the start point to go over the route, name the rest stops, and go over hand signals.

Aside from a ride leader, the group can also assign a tail rider. He should also be very experienced in group riding, like the ride leader. His job is to keep an eye out for those struggling in the ride, bikes with mechanical problems, or any rider’s behavior that could endanger the rest of the group.

For the rest of the group, it is a good idea to arrange riders in order of experience. The group can place the less experienced in front, while experienced riders are in the back. This allows more seasoned riders to keep an eye on novices and give them pointers too.

Meanwhile, here are some rules to ensure your group ride will be safe and enjoyable one.

Riding formation

A formation is vital in group riding. Riding in a formation properly gives riders the proper space to react to any danger and also helps drivers on the road avoid motorcyclists. The most preferred formation is the “staggered formation.” This formation would make an evenly spaced zigzag line.

Check your tail

It is important when riding in a group is to check your mirrors. This is to make sure that the riders behind you can still follow. Always check three or four people behind you.

Stop cautiously

When you notice that one of your fellow riders is missing, you have to stop. You can hit the brake anywhere where you think is it safe to do so. If you know that everybody will behave like this, you don’t need to worry that you might lose the others. You will be able to stop while knowing that the riders in front of you will stop as well.

Ride back

You have to ride back to check what happen when you waited too long for the riders who disappeared from your mirror to reappear again. If there is trouble, everybody should be informed.

When some of the riders in the back decide to stop at a gas station or in a restaurant, someone should ride on to inform the people who are waiting for them.

Keep distance

Always keep your distance especially when riding behind the first rider. He might suddenly decide to turn left or right. If this happened, a collision is possible.

Motorcycle Traffic

Think of the traffic

Avoid making a stop in the middle of the road. Make your stop on the shoulder, so the traffic can drive on without hitting anybody.

When you all stop at a restaurant or café, do not block parked cars. Make sure the groups’ motorcycles are not hindering the vehicle and people traffic in the area.





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