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Must Have Clothing Essentials For Beginner Motorcyle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is a recreation for most, but for beginners, it could be daunting especially when you encounter trouble on the road for the first time.


Now that you have your first motorcycle, time to complete the important gears before you hit the road.

Aside from a motorcycle driver’s license, which of course should be on top of your list, there are several things that you need to have. Remember, you may get hurt or injure somebody else if you are not properly equipped.


This is definitely a must-have to any rider. Probably this is the most important piece in your motorcycle gear as this could save your life. Helmets, however, are not only for your head protection during accident. It will also shield your face from the elements.

Look for full-face helmet and a piece that snug fit in your head. If your helmet moves around your head, it means it won’t offer the best protection in a crash. Also look for a fog-free visor helmet and that has very good ventilation for absolute protection.


Jackets for motorcycle riders are usually available at authorized dealers in your area. Good quality motorcycle jackets can also purchase at the internet. An excellent motorcycle jacket has vents at the front and back that allow full air circulation.

You can also pick a jacket depending on your style and taste. Some prefer leather while others go with light weight ones. What’s important is that it has padding in the right areas. So always check for those.


Some riders wear armored jeans while others prefer heavy leather chaps. Both will provide protection. Chaps are little convenient since you can wear it over your regular jeans and remove it when you arrive at your destination.

Just make sure that whether you will be using full leather body armor or synthetic suit, it should have first-rate protection on your back, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees.


Your hands should also have an excellent protection layer during a trip. Keep in mind that your hands hold the control hence your fingers should more freely.

Motorcycle gloves vary depending on the weather. You may use lightweight gloves during summer but make sure that it still provides superior abrasion resistance. During winter season, you can bring out your heavy pair to keep your hands warm and dry.


Choosing the right kicks for your motorcycle ride is crucial too. Pick a pair that has no laces. These could entangle at your motorcycle footpegs when you put your foot down. You can’t imagine what could happen next if your laces locked in at the footpegs. Moreover, buy boots that have sturdy rubber soles for better road grip and water-proof feature.


It is also wise to use motorcycle goggles along with your helmet. Motorcycle glasses will keep bugs and dust off your face.


This could be trivial for most riders but it is equally important like the other pieces clothing we have discussed above. This thin head cover would keep you warm during winter rides.





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