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What To Consider in Choosing Motorcycle Accessories and Gear – Comfort vs Style

Every motorcycle rider main concern should always be protection.  Your bike doesn’t have much of safety features as compared to car’s airbag or seatbelt. Hence, choosing the right motorcycle gears and accessories could daunting at times.

Motorcycle Gear

But let’s face it, many riders still consider comfort and style in their motorcycle gear shopping list.  Could the two compliment the other without compromising the other?


Uncomfortable gear can be a major distraction on the road, which could lead to an accident. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you will be comfortable on the accessories that you bought.

The Fit

We’re sure that you don’t want to have an uncomfortable ride all day long.  So when you bought your motorcycle gear, it must fit you properly. But the only way you can truly see if it fits you right is when you are also riding your motorcycle.

So how can you “test” if the motorcycle pants or jacket you are planning to buy fit on you? Experts advice is to give it a “seat test” on a parked motorcycle that retail stores usually have for customers who wants to try the gear before the purchase.

The Weather

Yes during a long trip in hot weather, it is better to cover up than be exposed. Conceal any of your exposed skin since sun and windburn will only make you more uncomfortable. You may also want to dress in layers. This will help maintain the moisture in your body, minimize dehydration, and the fatigue effect brought by the sun and the winds. You may also add moisture-wicking clothes in your list.

If you don’t have a choice but to ride your motorcycle while it is raining, choose rain gear that is breathable, waterproof or water-resistant. Your gear should also give you enough space for an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm.

If riding during heavy rain is a bad idea, so as in frigid weather. During this time, always keep yourself warm and dry. Consider wearing thermal underwear, glove liners, and a balaclava under your protective gear. Since your fingers and toes are vulnerable during cold temperatures, you may use chemical heat packs inside your gloves and boots.


Wearing no protective gear at all is the worst idea. But you also don’t want to look awful when riding a big, cool bike, right? As much as you consider protection and comfort, many are also considering style and design in purchasing gears and accessories. Your gear requires a bit more than simply wearing what looks stylist or cool.

Fortunately, many of motorcycle accessory manufacturers are now considering style in their product without sacrificing the safety of a rider. Most of these companies incorporate the safety features in their designs.

If you are a leather person, you can choose leather-made motorcycle apparel. If you prefer man-made fabrics, you can go for it. So yes, protection, comfort, and style can all work together.  And if you know what you want and where to buy, you can definitely get all of these.

Stay tuned for more motorcycle tips on accessories and gears only here at We Love Motorcycles.





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