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Pagans Motorcycle Club Texas/ Should P*ss Everyone Off

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The Pagans Motorcycle Club in Texas recently had to endure another over reach from law enforcement. For those who always say this kind of stuff doesn’t happen you live in fantasy land. Something like this should disgust every biker out there, both independent or club member. Timestamps 🎬 00:00 Intro To stories Covered01:19 Bikers Doing Good for the community05:07 Pagans Motorcycle Club Texas You’ll be disgusted09:53 Wall of Shame 🎧Second part of show can be heard on your favorite Podcasting Platform or https://anchor.fm/motorcyclemadhouse 📰 Articles used during video ➤ https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2021/dec/10/east-arkansas-police-chief-arrested-charged-with/

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