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News Update: 10 Upcoming Electric Motorcycles Presented This Year (ultimate List)

Every fan of the EV industry is always glad to find out about an announcement or an unveiling of a new model. We can say with great pleasure that news about upcoming electric two-wheelers have become more common in recent times. Despite these positive changes, ebike news makes up only a small fraction of information that gets released by motorcycling journalists. Still, we are being hopeful that the push for two-wheeled zero emission transport will speed up even more and we were happy to go through all of the car and bike magazines to find the freshest model releases and updates that appeared this year.

As mentioned previously, we have high hopes for frequent model updates that is why we created a whole playlist dedicated to personal electric transport on two wheels: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeYSci69dx4lp9xBgbW-pLJ-1G-wphplS

In an attempt to keep you up to speed with the most recent ebike models, we are kicking off a mini series dedicated to this EV segment. This year upcoming 2022 model lineups were announced by such market leaders as Harley-Davidson (their separate LiveWire brand to be exact), Zero Motorcycles, and Energica, as well as young companies from Europe, Asia and the USA that you will be hearing about for the first time.

This informative video digest has information about all changes that electric motorbikes received in 2021, as well as models that are only entering production and will be on sale next year. We shared the estimated pricing, technical information about motor outputs and battery range autonomy and other important consumer data. It seems that we are entering the future of transportation where more and more people would be riding zero emission transport that is fast, reliable and easy to operate.

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