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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Glasses or Goggles For You

Both motorcycle glasses and goggles are vital accessories when you are a rider. Even if you are wearing a helmet and it has windshield, it is important to wear your glasses or goggles. For one, it will protect your eyes from insects, dust, or other particles. Furthermore, it can enhance your vision while on the road.

Motorcycle Goggles

What are differences between motorcycle glasses to goggles?


  • Goes inside your helmet
  • Anti-fog
  • Weighs around 5.6 ounces
  • More lens choices
  • Can be worn even when not riding


  • Can go around the helmet
  • Will not go off
  • Better seal
  • Fits all head sizes
  • Fogs a little
  • Typically lighter in weight; around 4 ounces

How to select the right motorcycle glasses and goggles for you?

When choosing either motorcycle glasses or goggles, you have to consider several factors. Read on to know the specifics of these factors.


Say for instance, you are riding a motorcycle without any eye protection. When an insect or a small stone hits your eye at 60mph, it can blind you. The lenses on your glasses or goggles will provide protection.

  • Experts recommend shatter/impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.
  • Pick polarized motorcycle sunglasses since this minimize glare on bright days and provides a clear view of the road ahead.
  • Look for 100 percent UV protection from your sunglasses.
  • Keep in mind that the darkness or lightness of the lenses depend on the amount of sunlight the glasses are exposed to. Rule of thumb: the darker it is, the better it will be on a sunny day while the lighter lenses are better for gloomy days or night time.
  • Choose photochromic or transition. This is a good option if you are on road from day to night.
  • If most of the time you ride in overcast or gloomy weather, orange or yellow lenses will improve clarity, contrast, and depth to everything you see during rides in this type of weather. In addition, lightly tinted yellow glasses are also fine during night ride, but other tinted lenses are not.
  • If you need prescription lenses, there are motorcycle sunglasses brands that have Rx lenses. This means they do not have to worry about wearing your prescription reading glasses or contact lenses while on the road.
  • If your glasses support interchangeable lenses, you can get as many colors as you want. They should be able to accept prescription lenses too as well as lenses that adjust tint with the level of sunlight.


The frames of your glasses help to keep the winds away from your eyes and protect the area around the eyes.  So what is the best frame for a motorcycle glasses or even goggles?

  • If you have a full face helmet, the big-framed glasses will most likely not fit on your face. The frame will push in some direction either by the padding above your brow or the one around your cheeks.
  • Slim frames mean bigger lenses which in turn less blind spots for a rider.
  • Look for lightweight nylon frame and durable hinges on the frame.
  • Some brands have removable climate guards for extra protection.
  • Look for ventilation around the glasses. This will help you feel more comfortable and minimizes lens fogging.

Motorcycle Goggles

Fit and Comfort

Of course, everything boils down to these. Do you feel comfortable wearing the motorcycle glasses or goggles you bought?

  • Like what we have said above, you helmet interior padding would brush with your glasses. Some helmets have groove pre-cut to accept glasses arms, but other don’t have and it will cause discomfort.
  • As for motorcycle goggles, you may have encounter lesser problem when it comes to fitting. Since goggles come with adjustable straps, it gives you versatility. However, even if your goggles snug perfectly, also check for any pressure points when wearing goggles. If it seems like you experiencing painful pressure points, buy motorcycle goggles with outrigger straps instead.
  • Try your goggles on with your helmet. Remember, your goggles can go around your helmet so your goggles and helmet should fit too.







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