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How To Choose the Best Motorcycle Jacket For You

Normally, motorcycle riders have more than one jacket. Aside from keeping you covered and looking cool during a ride, a motorcycle jacket main purpose is to shield your skin from abrasion when it gets contact with the road surface.

Motorcycle Jacket

Like other motorcycle apparel, there are several jacket features and designs to choose from. Here are some considerations in purchasing a motorcycle jacket.


Above anything else, this should be your top priority. Make sure that the jacket you intend to buy has safety features you need.

The jacket should have CE-approved protectors that are built in. CE-rated armour’s purpose is to absorb some initial shock from a crash and to reduce the chances of skin and tissue damage during a crash. Armor is either sewn in or sits within the liner, which can be removed. Some jackets have additional pockets for extra armor.

Back protectors that go in jacket pockets are convenient, but only cover a limited area of your back. Separate strap-on back protectors, on the other hand, provide a greater area of coverage. Elbow protectors are the most common pieces that come standard with the jacket.

Another safety feature that is important if you plan to ride at night or during low visibility weather is a reflective material. You could use a bright hi-vis safety vest over your jacket or you can buy a jacket with reflective logos.

Of course, the level of protection a jacket offers varies depending on style and the price. Overall, pay attention to each product description to figure out which safety and protective pieces come with the jacket or which are available for that jacket.


It should not all about aesthetics. Make sure that you are buying a jacket that snug fit on you even it goes over your usual clothes. You should breath comfortable with your jacket. Keep in mind that leather will loose-fitting slightly with use.

Check if the built-in armor in the jacket pokes your body painfully as you move during a ride. If so, look for other brands that you will feel comfortable with.

Moreover, some sportier-looking jackets are cut into a ‘race crouch’ position. This style has pre-curved arms and seams. If your bike has an upright riding position, you will find this design annoying on the road. You can ask the salesperson if you can sit on your bike, if you have it with you, with the jacket on.

The key on finding the best fit is to try as many options as you can.


You might be contemplating now on what to buy – a leather or a textile made jacket.

The motorcycle jacket you would wear mainly depends on the weather of your ride. Hence, the type you wear today most likely not the same you will wear three months later.

Motorcycle Jacket

For instance, you may prefer jacket made of mesh during summer, a leather during spring and fall, and a full leathered jacket during frigid weather.

Both leather and textile made jackets could have the same features such as CE amour, removable liners, ventilation ports, and adjustable fit. However, some preferred leather because of its durability and abrasion resistance. Textile-made jacket, on the other hand, has the advantage in weight. Textile jacket uses a variety of materials that range from super-ventilated mesh to ultra- tough close-woven fabric, which makes it lighter than leather.

There is also a difference in price. Textile motorcycle jacket is cheaper than leather with similar features.


Regardless of what material the jacket is made of, always check how it was constructed.

First, you can check the stitching. Overlaid or triple stitching at the seams are the best since it is less likely to burst open during impact. You can also examine the panels. If there are more different panels of leather on your jacket, the more chance there is of one of them bursting at the seams when presented with a shock.

In addition, ventilation is a must. Zipper-closable vents can be found in some jackets. These will work well in multiple seasons.

Jackets for cooler weather also have wind blocking features that can help cut down the effects of speeding through the brisk air.  Motorcycle jacket for warm weather has special vents and materials like mesh to allow the continuous flow of air to keep you cool and dry.






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