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How To Buy The Best Motorcycle Booths for Riders

The thing about motorcycle boots is that it is one of the only two apparels that stays attach to your body the longest time. During stops, you usually take off your helmet, goggles, gloves and even your jacket, but not your boots.

Motorcycle Boots

Hence, you want it to be comfortable as much as possible and at the same time stylish to wear all day.  But of course, your top priority is protection and safety of your feet especially so, they are the one that first touches the surface every time you come to a stop.

To ensure that your feet, ankles, and legs are well-protected during crash, you need to wear the footwear required for motorcycle riders.

At the very minimum, you need a pair of boots that provides your foot with good grip, your ankle with tight support and protects your foot from being crushed on an impact with a strong sole.

There are several kinds of boots you can choose from. But like any other rider’s apparel, you have to be sure on the type of riding you usually do determines what type of kicks you need. For instance, touring boots provides decent protection. These are designed to be comfortable no matter what the weather outside.

Keep in mind that a motorcycle boot is different from a regular boot. Here are some tips on how to pick the best one for you.


Like any other motorcycle apparel that we have discussed here, boots should fit you perfectly.

Always check the manufacturer’s sizing guide as each manufacturer, brand, and style varies in sizes. Also, consider the thickness of socks you prefer to wear when wearing boots. Typically, motorcycle boots are hard to put on and off. The harder to get it off your feet, the more likely it will stay on during a crash.


A full-height boot is the best. It provides the full protection of your feet and ankles, and covers the majority of your leg. Since a high-top boot is more expensive, you can opt for a pair that is at least up over the ankle. The ankle-length boots, also called riding shoes, should have stable construction at the top of the boots.


Most motorcycle boots are made out of thick leather that has a high abrasion resistance. Some manufacturers have been producing rider’s boots out of textile materials that are both abrasion resistant and more breathable.

If you usually ride during rainy weather, you may want to consider some weather protection. However, if you are a leather man, just make sure that your boots are treated leather. Untreated leather has a tendency to absorb water which can make your ride very uncomfortable.


As always, you have to scrutinize how the kicks you are eyeing for was made. Does it have a double or triple sticking? The sturdy the construction of the seams are, the less likely it will tear apart during a crash.

It is also crucial to check the sole since this is the part that will give you the right amount of grip on the ground. A softer sole will grip the footpeg better but it also down a lot faster. A harder sole will have better durability but give you less grip. Either way, make sure that the soles are oil resistant. Oil built up on the roads cause slides. If you are not wearing boots that have oil resistant soles, you are in trouble.

Yes, it is important to check how the sole is connected to the boot. A glued sole will not last very long. Boots that have sewn soles, on the other hand, will both protect your feet and last longer.

Motorcycle Boots

Armor and Padding

These precaution features are commonly seen in racing boots since this type of boots are designed for high-speed rides. Built-in armor is usually made out of either Kevlar, carbon, or plastic. Racing boots also feature multiple molded protective pieces that cover the exterior of the boot.

Commuter or street boots, on the other hand, come with steel plates around the toe area to keep your toes from getting crushed during impact.


Laces are the most popular because of its ease of use and it is helpful on adjusting the fit. However, laces can be undone while riding and can snag on part of the bike. Some boots, however, come with a safety feature like a buckle to strap laces down.

Boots that have Velcro and buckles type of closure are also common. These allow a rider to get a more secure fit than laces. These types of closure also typically found on race boots to ensure that your boots will stay in play in the event of a high-speed crash.




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