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Mosko Moto Basilisk Vs Adventure Spec Singletrack Jacket – Review – Motorcycle Gear

A comparion and review on Mosko Moto’s Basilisk and Adventure Spec Singletrack motorcycle jackets.
Video Singletrack Jacket: https://youtu.be/d1ega-IDU4U

Size XL on 6′ (182cm) and 100Kg.

Mosko Moto Basilisk Jacket EU / US:
Basilisk Jacket

Basilisk Jacket

Mongolia Jacket:

Singletrack Jacket: https://www.adventurespec.com/shop/product/singletrack-jacket-86#attr=168

Mongolia Pants:

Old video on my earlier layering: https://youtu.be/23-ir5l9oDE

Please comment below on your take or if You have questions on the gear that have missed out.
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