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How to Ride in Sand

ADV Lessons with Dusty Wessels // Off-Road Skills for Adventure Motorcycle Riders

Is there any low-traction terrain that strikes fear into the hearts of adventure motorcyclists more than deep sand? Professional motorcycle instructor Dusty Wessels teaches you how to ride and safely control your heavy adventure bike through all depths of loose sand on road and off-road.

When riding in the sand you want to stand up so you can move your body around and be an active rider and influence the pegs to help direct the bike you want your body position as neutral as possible only put your weight back to get traction to the rear wheel or help lighten up the front don’t have too much body weight forward on the motorcycle because the front wheel is going to dig deeper into the sand this might cause your front wheel to wobble and you could start to lose control if you’re new to riding sand and or you’re apprehensive about riding sand and you come across some deep sand a human reaction for us or what we go back to is sitting down now I wouldn’t suggest you sit down for a lot of reasons the biggest reason is it’s just going to make you more tired and you’re going to be worn out faster so if you’re going to sit down on the bike in the sand and paddle put your feet on the ground here’s how you do it stick your foot as far forward on the ground as you can and pick it up when it gets to your foot peg do not stick your foot far forward and go all the way back you risk injury to your ankle or your lower leg if it catches underneath your pannier also when you’re sitting go slower don’t go too fast as soon as the sand gets to a depth that you feel you can go faster pick your feet up put them on the pegs stand up and right away you’re going to have much more control on a 500 plus pound motorcycle standing than you would if you were sitting

Video From: MOTOTREK

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