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General Motorcycle Tips

Here Are Some General Motorcycle Tips

Many people from all different backgrounds, all over the world, enjoy motorcycling. In some countries, such as Thailand, the motorcycle is the only mode of transport available to those who could never afford a car. In western countries, the motorcycle is likely to be a status symbol as well as a fun and economical way to get around.


If you have just bought a motorcycle for the first time, or have had a long absence from riding, you will need to obtain a license to ride, check in to your local licensing center and investigate the steps you need to take, they vary from state to state. In most cases you will need to obtain a provisional license. A provisional license is an interim license on which you may only ride a motorcycle that has a capacity for example of 250 cubic centimeters or under. This license may last for 12 months, and then you may have to sit a final test on a bigger bike to secure your full license.


A very important aspect of motorcycle riding is safety wear. To be properly prepared for an unwanted scenario, the rider must have a good set of boots, riding pants, jacket, gloves and a helmet. Being involved in an accident, even at relatively low speeds can cause you far more harm if you are not wearing the correct safety clothing.


Being aware of what’s around you is almost the single most important thing a rider needs to know. Statistically, riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a car; each year, many more people are hurt or killed on a motorcycle than other types of vehicles on the road. Make sure all other vehicles know you are there, stay visible in their mirrors whenever possible, and importantly, ascertain whether they have seen you or not. If you are aware that another driver has not seen you, anticipating their next move, will save you from a nasty accident.


There are some great advantages to being a motorcycle rider. You are far less likely to be caught in slow-moving or banked up traffic. On most occasions the motorcycle rider can simply pull out and go around any obstacles, so while others are sitting in their cars, listening to the radio and contemplating being late for work, you are still on time. The same applies to over taking on the highway; a motorcycle takes up far less space than a sedan, and has a huge power to weight ratio advantage, and can zip around a slow-moving vehicle like they were standing still.

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