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2021, From My Perspective (motorcycle And Dashcam Clips)

Thank you for watching my videos. This is my little creative outlet and it keeps me wanting more adventure in my life.
In roughly chronological order, here’s some things that happened in the year 2021.
0:00 That time I made an intro for my videos.
0:11 That time a garbage truck aimed right for me.
0:27 That time I encountered understeer uphill in the mud.
0:52 That time I saw a spare tire fall off of a trailer.
1:09 That time a small bird stopped to rest with me.
1:26 That time someone just decided to go around me.
1:46 That time I saw the front of a truck.
2:09 That time there was a deer.
2:35 That time a devil on my shoulder told me I should punch mirrors.
3:19 That time I learned velociraptors love America.
3:47 That time a Dodge Charger made a choice, or two.
4:16 That time there was another deer.
4:38 That time I heard a rumble.
4:59 That time the call wasn’t for me.
5:37 That time my bike wouldn’t start.
6:31 That time I knew this would happen eventually.
7:10 That time I was an empty void.
7:35 That time I saw a squirrel.
7:52 That time I was just some dust.
8:08 That time I interfered with turkey time.
8:30 That time the apex was blocked.
8:44 That time I rode the triple nickel in the rain.
9:52 That time that guy dropped a mattress, and wheel.
10:36 That time I saw a trike.
11:15 That time I saw a bike.
11:38 That time someone’s Ranger lost a wheel.
12:00 That time I was overtaken.
12:26 That time I was the blinking, out of order EMF reader.

Thanks again for watching my videos. I really mean it.

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