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10 Electric Motorcycle News And Debuts For Supporters Of Zero Emission Movement

The latest Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA), Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, as well as other exhibitions taking place in 2022 have confirmed the growing consumer interest towards zero emission transport as well as an increase of investments in the research and development of electric vehicles by companies from all over the world.

These exhibitions and auto shows are usually used to present the most innovative developments in the field of battery and electric powertrain development, as well as an opportunity to share news, teasers and announcements about upcoming models. This year the segment of electric motorcycles has received a great deal of updates, so our team decided to dedicate a series of presentations to future models of two-wheelers.

If you would like to closely follow our videos on this topic, we suggest following this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeYSci69dx4lp9xBgbW-pLJ-1G-wphplS

And our previous video where we discussed e-motorcycle news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_quNiFLIic

Video briefly reviews these modes:

Electric Motion Escape and Epure: www.electric-motion.fr/en/models/epure-race
Stark Varg: starkfuture.com/en-us-US/products/stark-varg
Tromox Ucco: www.tromox.com/aspx/main/newscontent.aspx?lan=1&id=235
Niu RQI Sport: www.niu.com/en
Maeving RM1: maeving.com
Zero SR-F with Quickstrike package: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-srf
VMoto Soco Stash: facebook.com/supersocouk / www.eicma.it/en/news/vmoto-soco-group-range-_14318
Otto Bike MXR, CT-X and CR-21: ovaobike.com/home-direct
Noba One: www.facebook.com/NOBA-112917130630854

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