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New Drill One Evo Electric Dirt Bike | Czem First Ride Review

Tucker Neary from Electric Cycle Rider does a First Ride Review of the new 2021 CZEM Drill One Evo electric dirt bike from Triton Electric Bikes.

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Unboxing the CZEM Drill One Evo: https://youtu.be/uHe40WDaSLI

First Edition CZEM Drill One Q&A Video: https://youtu.be/nrx9hvrQVSQ

The Drill One Evo is an updated version of the original Drill One we tested in 2020. The Czech Electric Motorcycles (CZEM) Drill One Evo is an electric dirt bike that utilizes electric motorcycle and mountain bike components that results in a lightweight electric dirt bike that falls into the lightweight eBike category. The Drill One weighs 115 pounds, which is approximately the same weight as a Sur-Ron X or Segway X260. The Drill One has an electric motor that produces a nominal 11kW and a peak output of 15kW, which is an impressive amount of power for a bike this size. It features a Manitou Dorado front fork and an Elka rear shock. The handlebars are Pro Taper MTB bars with a 1″ rise and are mounted to a direct mount stem. To stop the bike, it’s fitted with Hayes Dominion 4 piston brakes.

We tested the Drill One Evo Enduro, which sports a 21″ front moto and a 19″ rear moto wheel.

We were immediately impressed with the ergonomics and fit of the new CZEM Drill One. After spending a lot of time aboard the Sur Ron X and Segway X260, the CZEM feels substantially larger and fit for a full-size adult. The frame design and seat allow the rider to move freely and adjust body position comfortably.

We tested the Drill One in the green, blue and red power modes. After riding at a close-to-full pace in the green mode for 10 minutes, we experienced an overheating warning on the bikes display. This made us reevaluate our expectations of what the CZEM Drill One bike was designed for. After testing, it appears the Drill One is best suited for slower-paced riding where the rider is not regularly using full throttle.

Purchase the Drill One here: http://bit.ly/TritonDrillOne

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