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10 All-new Electric Motorcycles Coming In 2022: Guide To Industry’s Latest Innovations

The floodgates of electric motorcycle news are open once again. Zero releases a new model, Harley Davidson establishes a separate EV brand and the world’s speed record for an e-bike might be beaten once again. These and many more electric announcements are waiting for you in this episode!

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Detailed list of all vehicles shown in this #ATelectricbikes video:

00:00 Introduction

00:33 Zero FXE
In 2021 Zero Motorcycles are taking a breather from exploring yet untapped motorbike classes. Instead, they chose to bring to life an amazing fresh design language for the FXS Supermoto that was envisioned by Bill Webb of Huge Design.

01:44 Livewire One

You already know the Livewire as Harley’s debut electric motorcycle, however in 2021, the name is being expanded to a standalone EV brand by the company. Its first model, named the Livewire One, is coming to the US market this year.

02:46 BMW CE 04

BMW Motorrad’s C Evolution was one of the world’s first electric maxi scooters. Building up on its success, Germans have introduced a new flagship of the silent revolution based on the Link Concept. Surprisingly, the production version of the CE-04 kept the retro-futuristic looks

03:59 Arcimoto Roadster

The Oregon-based Arcimoto is one of the best-known manufacturers of electric three-wheelers, and 2021, it is expanding its fleet with a new lifestyle-oriented model. The Roadster has no roof or roll cage, meaning that it provides a motorcycle-like experience with the added stability from two front wheels.

05:03 White Motorcycle WMC250EV

Focusing on sustainability and visionary engineering, the British White Motorcycles is currently working on several concepts, including the aerodynamic marvel named the WMC250EV.

06:12 Curtiss One

Originally known as a manufacturer of exotic ICE-powered bikes, the company has completely rebranded itself as an all-electric brand in 2017. This year, Curtiss efforts finally come to fruition, and the company launches its first EV cruiser, named the One.

07:29 Sondors Metacycle

With 6 years of experience in the niche of electric bicycles, Sondors is entering the motorcycle market. The Metacycle strikes a perfect balance between affordable pricing, standard technology, and performance specifications.

08:31 Alrendo Motorcycles TS Bravo

The Alrendo Motorcycles startup strives to establish itself on the European market, with the help of their new, street-ready TS Bravo. The model targets those riders who need a reliable daily commuter with reasonable pricing and appealing exterior design.

09:30 Kuberg Ranger

Launched on Indiegogo less than a year ago, the Ranger by the Czech manufacturer Kuberg is already available for purchase in several European countries, as well as in the US. Depending on the market, the Ranger is offered in three equipment levels: Base, Race, and Adventure; three motor outputs: 11, 16 or 19 horses, and two batteries, rated for 19 miles of riding each.

10:32 Delta XE

For the 2019 and 2020 academic year, it was the Apex RS team who managed to squeeze out 160 horsepower and 156 miles per hour top speed from their racer. In turn, The Delta XE is latest electric bike that originated in Twente, and raises these performance parameters.

11:44 Voxan Wattman

The street version of the Wattman was on the market for 7 years when in 2020, the company revealed this crazy-looking performance model. Ridden by the Moto GP champion Max Biaggi, the Wattman has already set several speed records and even achieved peak speeds of 254 mph.

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